8 10 2016

If you are looking for a particular topic, it is probably best to use the search box in the top right hand corner of each opening page. If you simply want to browse, this list may help you. Go to “Archives” on the right, select the date and you will be taken to the most recent post for that month. Scroll down for earlier posts of the month.

“Categories” will probably be of less use to you, especially as it is no longer editable and I cannot easily bring that section up to date.

1. In the beginning.     March 2013

2. Getting started.       March 2013

3. Hamilton 21: getting started.     April 2013

4. Hamilton Model 21 escapement.     April 2013

5. Replacing a balance staff.     April 2013

6. Re-pivoting a balance staff.     June 2013

7. Re-pivoting part 2: an escape wheel arbor.     July 2013

8. Putting a lid on it.     July 2013

9. Chronometer key.     July 2013

10. Dial refinishing.     September 2013

11. Hamilton M22 chronometer watch.     March 2014

12. Hamilton Master Navigational watch.     December 2014

13. Rating a chronometer.     March 2015

14. Repairing a damaged barrel arbor.     May 2015

15. Replacing a locking jewel.     July 2015

16. A Shipwrecked M22 Chronometer watch restored.    August 2015

17. Replacing an impulse jewel.     January 2016

18. Turning a chronometer balance staff.     February 2016

19. Making an upper balance cock.     February 2016

20. A Soviet deck watch.     February 2016

21. A balancing act.     April 2016

22. Making a spring detent for an MX6 soviet chronometer.     June 2016

23. An improvised let-down tool.    December 2016

24. Making a tungsten carbide locking stone.     December 2016

25. Making a four orbit face and motion work.     January 2017

26. Making a hole stone.     January 2017

27. Fusee chain substitute.     February 2017

28. A tale of woe that ended well.     November 2017

29. More on tipsy keys.     January 2018

30. A new escape wheel for an M21 chronometer.     February 2018.

31. An eight day chronometer.     February 2018

32. A chipped impulse jewel and another tale of woe. February  2018

33. More on making a detent. September 2018

34 Yet more on making a detent. December 2018

35 A Post-WW II Glashütte Chronometer. January 2019

36 Usher and Cole’s finest. September 2019

37: A makeshift oven to rate chronometers. January 2020

38: A Kelvin and James White chronometer overhauled. April 2020

39: A Late Thomas Mercer Chronometer. October 2020




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